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Don't undergo the hassle and expense of coordinating your own garage/estate sale!

  • Don't: spend your money to advertise your estate or garage sale in local classifieds.
  • Don't: spend your time to create and post signs around your neighborhood.
  • Don't: break your back dragging heavy items out from all over the house.
  • Don't: go to the trouble of pricing and tagging all of your items for sale.
  • Don't: pray for good weather, only to sit in your garage all weekend if it is or see your sale ruined if it isn't.
  • Don't: haggle with strangers over your stuff to try to get a reasonable price.
  • Don't: drag unwanted items back into your home.
  • Don't: donate your items to some other charity just because they'd pick up at your home, and your favorite charity only accepts cash donations.

DO Consign your items to the Estate Sale Alternative

Consign with Seconds City

You have 3 easy options on how to claim your consignment credits
  • A.
    Charity (tax deductible)

    In a charitable mood? Channel money to your favorite charity - not just the ones that offer to pick-up!

  • B.
    Credit (50%)

    Get the most bang for your buck by redeeming for store credit. At a full 50% of the purchase price of each of your items when you make a purchase in our store.

  • C.
    Cash (25%)

    Get money back fro your pre-owned merchandise. We will pay you a full 25% of the purchase price of the item(s) you consign with Seconds City.

Question and Answers

We're here to help. Below you will find answers to some of the most common questions consignors have. If you have additional questions or you're ready to get started, please give us a call or fill out our easy contact form by Clicking Here.

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Important Note

As you will see, by accepting your merchandise on consignment, Seconds City, LLC, undertakes many responsibilities, including moving, storing, cleaning, disinfecting, tagging, merchandising, marketing, selling, and accounting for your items. Your responsibility, however, is singular! We ask only that you read an understand this information and the consignment agreement to which it refers., and that you not allow yourself to proceed until you have a satisfactory understanding and comfort level for just how it is that we operate. Our consignment arrangement is quite unique and narrowly focused on providing a service for those with very specific needs. We are fully aware that it is not for everybody – it may not be for you. It should be noted that our service is best suited to those for whom the proceeds represent the smallest concern. There is certainly no shame or sin in wanting to get the most money for your second-hand merchandise. Seconds City is simply not the place to achieve this goal. Nonetheless, if your needs do align with the services that we are able to provide, the convenience factor can be considerable.

What types of merchandise does Seconds City accept? What Sells Well?

Before we answer the question at hand, let's address two important concepts: First, just about everything sells eventually. Second, most things sell at relatively low prices. This means that we will likely be able to accept most items that you are looking to get rid of, and they WILL probably all sell, although often at prices less than you may expect. It can work the other way, however, since we get such a volume of people through the store to view your items, you may sometimes actually be surprised at how much they sell for. One thing is certain – with the price dropping each day it's a gamble from the point of view of both the customer and the consignor. We can guess, but no one ever knows for sure what something will sell for until the cash register drawer rings open.

Furthermore, we endeavor to make the starting prices themselves on the lower side. Seconds City is about recycling merchandise back into the community quickly, and inventory turns are integral to accomplishing this. We price each item with the expectation of selling it within ten days. Although the inventory does not indeed turn quite that fast, this pricing philosophy speaks to how we come up with the staring prices on your items. We also factor into the starting price the size and appeal of each item. Items that take less floor space or may appeal to a broader audience may command higher starting prices.

Larger items (i.e. couches, sectionals) or those more specialized or specific in their use (infant furniture, home health care items, gun racks) are priced lower to help them move out faster! Finally, seasonality plays a significant role in pricing and selling merchandise. You must factor this into your expectations. Patio furniture, bicycles, and golf clubs are examples of items that do not sell well at any price in the fall and winter. The value of merchandise with a holiday theme drops significantly immediately after the holiday passes. You'll notice in the category descriptions located elsewhere on the site that certain items are accepted on a non-consignment basis only when received in certain months and that it is your responsibility to be aware of this before delivery of your items to the store. Items accepted on a non-consignment basis will net you, the consignor, no proceeds from their sale whereas they are treated strictly as a donation to the store. We wish our consignor base to fully understand how we operate and to have properly aligned expectations with the service that we are able to provide. As you read our commentary about the different categories of merchandise we are able to accept, please keep the information above constantly in mind.

These category descriptions are intended to provide you with a feel for what we consign and what we don't, which items we accept and which items we won't, how some items sell nicely and yet others do not, and how condition and seasonality can affect the speed and price at which an item will sell. You may not wish to read every category description, just those which pertain to your merchandise. If you have questions regarding your specific items, be sure to get answers before dropping off your items or using our service to have them picked up. We operate under the assumption that you have read and under our process thoroughly!

Accepted, but not consigned

Items sold on a non-consignment basis bring no proceeds to the would-be consignor. Some items are accepted into the store, but are not consigned under an circumstances. Such merchandise may be picked up along with your other consigned merchandise, often at no additional charge. Exampled of merchandise in this category are: Mattress sets, Hollywood bed frames, books, records, cassette tapes, video tapes, CDs, decorative cookie tins, puzzles and games (unless brand new), seasonal items that are out of season, and any items that do not (in our estimation) merit at least a five dollar starting price.

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