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A consignment store like none you've ever seen!

Seconds City is a unique place to shop and to consign your unwanted items. Our process of dropping prices every single day makes the shopping process fun and you'll save significant money on all of the products your want. We lower the price on nearly every item in the store by 1% every single day. That means more than just a big discount, it could mean you get your favorite item fo free! We give away items every day and even if it's not free, you may get it for 25%, 50%, 75% or even 95% off! Stop in and see the wide selection and find things that you just can't live without.

Consign with us

We want your unused or unwanted items. Bring them in and clean out your home. You can even make a little money on those items you just have sitting around your house. Our unique donation system also allows you to get the most for your item by donating the profits to one of over 50 different charities. Call today to find out more.

How Consignment Works

  • Shopping at Seconds City

    When an item comes into our store, our team checks it over to make sure it is great condition for you. When you see an item on our floor, it will have a colored price tag on it. The color helps you easily see when the item was placed on the floor. For example, this month's color is blue and two month ago was orange. That means if you see an orange sticker, you know it is at least 30 days old and at least 30% off! Once the item is on the floor, the price starts dropping. Let's say you see a couch you like with a price tag that says $100. If you ask an associate, they may tell you it has been on sale for 50 days and the price is now only $50! You can either buy it or wait a few more days an hope no one else snaps it up.

  • Consign With Us at Seconds City
    Consign with us

    There are a variety of different ways you can consign items with us. You'll want to call an talk with our consignment specialist about how the whole process works. She will discuss the item or items you want to consign and help you either schedule a drop off time at our store or a pickup time for our truck. We set the price on all items unless there is something unique about the items. Once the items arrive at our store, they are normally available for sale within 1 business day. It's a great way to make a little extra money and get rid of unwanted items. Give us a call today to discuss your consignment: 440-845-3000

Our donation mission

Charity Donations at Seconds City
donated items can help any one of over 50 charities with money the desperately need.

It's easy to donate your share of the sale to a local or national charity. We work with over 50 charities and you will get a donation receipt for the full value of the item you consign. If you choose the donation method, the charity will receive your share of the sale when the item sells and you will get a reciept directly from the charity thanking you for your donation. It's a great way to help others and save a little on your taxes.

Ask our consignment specialist for a list of charities you can help with your donation. We handle the whole process for you to make it easy. If you want to donate, just let us know when we setup the consignment with you and your donation will automatically go to your charity!