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Prices at Seconds City are reduced 1% per day until they are sold or, after 100 days, they are FREE! Since 1999, we have sold items for over 10,000 consignors (and counting). We consign a tremendous variety of items, large and small (nearly everything but clothing). Stop by today and begin saving big. But, a word of caution - Seconds City is addictive!

What is Consignment and how does it work?

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Welcome to Seconds City!

The most unique consignment store you will ever visit awaits you in Parma Heights, Ohio.

16. Our unique pricing policy is what makes us special. The original starting price is reduced 1% per day - every day - until an item is sold or it goes for free! Many shoppers are surprised to ask the price of an item only to find out that is heavily discounted or possibly even FREE - no strings, no conditions. Stop in and see what you can't live without.

  • 01. Shop now!

    Stop in and shop through our thousands of beautiful items and find low, low pricing on all of our great furniture, knick-knacks, electronics and more.

  • 02. Consign now!

    Seconds City is always accepting consignments whether small or large. Do you just have a single couch or do you need to empty all of the items out of house? We're here to help.

  • 03. Donate Now!

    If a tax deduction makes more sense for you than consigning, Seconds City can arrange for your items to generate a donation to any one of a long list of charities. Find out more here.

Success stories

Tom & Marta

Seconds City sent their truck out to help us get rid of a bunch of furniture and items we never used any more. It was quick and easy and our representative handled everything for us. We used the money we made toward a wonderful vacation!

Tom & Marta
John & Sara

After my mother passed, our family didn't know what to do with all of her household items. We called Seconds City and Eric's team was able to help us clear out the house. They even helped us donate all of the money to a local pet rescue charity that my mom supported. Thanks, Seconds City!

John & Sara

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